During the first Presidential Debate, Democratic nominee Joe Biden called the far left terrorist group Antifa “just an idea not an organization.”  

It’s very concerning that a presidential candidate is in complete denial about an organization that has created chaos in cities across our great nation. Take Portland, Oregon for example…

The Conservative Business Journal has team members on the ground in Portland that have seen Antifa in action during the riots as they fight against police and violently ravage the city.  

Despite what Joe Biden says, Antifa is an anti-fascist, left wing group that preaches anarchy and has absolutely no respect for authority in America especially police.

The fact that they aren’t always easily identifiable and holding Antifa signs doesn’t mean that they don’t exist.

Radical left groups instruct their followers prior to the riots to put away their smartphones and not do the work of “right-wing doxxers” with handouts and signs like this…

What is Antifa - John Di Lemme

Here are some of pamphlets handed out by anarchists in Portland prior to the “peaceful protests” as an American flag waved upside down above them…

Conservative Business Journal - What is Antifa

Conservative Business Journal - What is Antifa - Joe Biden

Here’s a group gathering in Portland prior to the evening of riots, many clad in black with masks and helmets, with a banner hanging overhead “Everyday Antifascist – Come for the Anarchy, Stay for the Soup”…

Conservative Business Journal - What is Antifa - Joe Biden

Of course, we aren’t claiming that all anarchists, communists, and liberal Democrats that gather together at these events are Antifa. However, Joe Biden is wrong that Antifa is just an idea. Any journalist that has covered the riots can tell you that for a fact including Andy Ngo, who claims he was assaulted by the far-left group. 

Similarly, it’s not realistic to call every Proud Boys supporter that carries an American flag and protests the radical left a violent white supremist. 

The group has publicly condemned racism, fascism, communism and socialism yet the mainstream media continues to portray the entire organization as a white nationalist, hate group prone to violence. 

The media is quick to judge all Proud Boys supporters based on the acts of some self-professed followers that have said horrible things and acted violently yet the same media ignores the Black Lives Matter leaders and supporters that loot businesses, make racist remarks, destroy cities, and harass Americans in public that refuse to raise their fists in support of the radical left movement. 

The Conservative Business Journal filmed the following clips at the recent Proud Boys event in Portland that you won’t see on mainstream media, because there’s no violence just prayer, the American flag, and National Anthem…

During the presidential debate, moderator Chris Wallace asked Trump whether he was willing to condemn white supremacists and militia groups and urge them to stand down from adding to violence and social upheaval, Trump asked Wallace to name a specific group.

Democratic rival Joe Biden interrupted to cite the Proud Boys. In which President Trump responded, “Stand back and stand by. But I’ll tell you what, I’ll tell you what, somebody’s got to do something about Antifa and the left, because this is not a right-wing problem.”

After the debate, Trump told reporters, “I don’t know who the Proud Boys are. You’ll have to give me a definition, because I really don’t know who they are…I can only say they have to stand down.”

Of course, the fake news liberal media jumped on President Trump immediately for not denouncing the Proud Boys, but made no mention of the fact that Democrat socialist leader Joe Biden wouldn’t denounce Antifa or say that he stood for law and order in America.

The double standard is obvious, but ignored because it doesn’t fit the liberal left narrative that President Trump is the evil, racist orange man that wants to destroy America.

What’s the lesson here?  A few things…

#1. Democrat Joe Biden is not for law and order and refuses to acknowledge the existence of radical left Antifa. 

#2. Unlike Joe Biden, President Trump stands for law & order and is backed by law enforcement groups across America.

#3. Mainstream media backs Biden’s denial of Antifa’s existence and ignores the fact that he will not call for an end to violence in American cities, but ridicules President Trump for not denouncing Proud Boys and ignores his stance on law and order.

Americans must fight back against the radical left Democrats, stand for the future of America, and make our voices heard by re-electing Donald J. Trump on November 3, 2020.


Watch my entire recap of the Presidential Debate – Trump versus Biden here with special Guest, Retired Navy Chaplain Pressley Stutts.

Warning: You’ll hear facts on this Recap that you won’t hear on the liberal mainstream news media…


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