The Biden Campaign is caught pushing more lies to the American people in an underhanded effort to sway voters. This seems to be a trend with the Biden/Harris duo.

In a one-minute video ad played during football games last Sunday, struggling bar owner Joe Malcoun was featured stumping for Biden. He talked about the variegated acts that have passed through his venue in its long history.

Malcoun added many restaurants and bars are facing tough times and closures, like his. “This is the reality of Trump’s COVID response. We don’t know how much longer [The Blind Pig] can survive not having any revenue.”

To leave no doubt, it closes with intense whip-pan shots of Joe Biden and his verbal approval: “I’m Joe Biden. And I approve this message.” 

Joe Malcoun is actually an investor in The Blind Pig, a concert venue and bar in Ann Arbor Michigan and founded an investment firm in 2013. CKM Capital Investment was one of his ventures. He also was involved in Cahoots, a shared-office space enterprise.

A LinkedIn profile listing a “Joe M.” from Ann Arbor, Michigan as the current president of CKM also lists him as CEO of Nutshell, a software used for revenue-boosting insights. Perhaps most relevant, Joe M. is a board member of the Michigan ACLU, according to this profile.

Some reports have listed him as owner, others as co-owner. An article about Ann Arbor establishment The Blind Pig on Wikipedia lists him as a co-owner. The page references an unlinked Washentaw County land sale record as proof.

Within 48 hours of the ad’s run during Sunday football games, stories broke about Joe Malcoun. He and his wife inherited a sizable sum from her late grandfather. Joe Malcoun appears to have successfully parlayed this into various financial and other investments.

Given his substantial windfall and following successes, he personally does not appear to be at any financial risk from The Blind Pig.

Federal election records indicate he donated 5,000 dollars this year to the Biden campaign, and other monies to Democrats.

Further optics-style, good-faith problems were uncovered. Malcoun electively kept The Blind Pig closed in June despite legally being allowed to open.

In addition, he made statements online in support of Michigan Governor Democrat Gretchen Whitmer and her suffocating lockdown measures.

Americans are too smart to fall for Joe Biden’s lies. That’s why we will vote to re-elect Donald J. Trump on November 3, 2020.


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