In DeKalb County Georgia, there was a 9,626 vote error in favor of Joe Biden in the ballot hand count. A sharp Republican poll-watcher got an on-site electoral official’s attention.

The suspiciously light box had allegedly contained 10,707 Biden and 13 Trump votes. The ballots landed in front of this poll-watcher for a final count after shuffling between gruff and secretive poll workers when the GOP watcher complained.

She and a Democratic monitor registered the batch as Trump 13 and Biden 1,081, which was the actual count for the batch.

The Georgia GOP is demanding an investigation into the matter to determine if it was actually a human error or a more widespread issue with the election software. This comes after two other recount hiccups this week.

Georgia will decide whether to certify the votes Wednesday at 11:59 pm. As of Wednesday evening, the GA presidential split is under 14,000 votes for Biden. 

Americans are demanding a fair election. Every “legal” vote must be counted.

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