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Vietnam Veteran Captain Wayne Smith Shares How Being a Prisoner of War Impacted His Entire Life and Why Choses Happiness Every Day Over Resentment

Captain Wayne Smith POW Vietnam Veteran - Conservative Business Journal


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Dr. Elaina George Exposes the Truth about Masks, Covid-19, Dr. Fauci, the Vaccine and More

elaina george covid-19 masks fauci - Conservative Business Journal [1]



MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell Shares How the Democrats are Stealing the 2020 Election and What Trump is Doing to Stop Them



Dr. Rodney Howard-Browne, Pastor of the River at Tampa Bay Church, Shares about Being Arrested for Refusing to Close His Church and More!

Rodney Howard-Browne - John Di Lemme - Pastor Arrested - Conservative Business Journal [3]


Michigan Election Whistleblower Kristina Karamo Exposes the Overwhelming Fraud that Pushed Joe Biden Over the Finish Line

Whistleblower Kristina Karamo [3]


Angel Dads Share about Their Children Killed by Illegal Aliens and Why Biden’s Immigration Plan is Dangerous

Angel Dads Biden Illegal Immigration - Conservative Business Journal


Ret. Navy SEAL Team 6 Operator Justin Sheffield Unleashes about Biden, Trump, Obama, Election 2020, & More!

Justin Sheffield - Navy SEAL Team 6 Operator - The Biden Scam - Conservative Business Journal [4]


Bay of Pigs Veteran Frank de Varona Exposes the Truth about Hammer, Scorecard, Socialism, Communism, & More!

frank de varona - hammer scorecard - conservative business journal [5]


Serbs for Trump Chairwoman Dr. Olga Ravasi Joins John Di Lemme on the Biden Scam to Discuss the Overwhelming Election Fraud

Dr. Olga Ravasi serbs for trump biden scam [6]


Angel Dad Jim Walden Shares About Marine Son Killed by Illegal Alien & Why Biden’s Policies are Dangerous

Jim Walden Illegal Alien Biden - John Di Lemme - Conservative Business Journal [7]


Gary Binford, United Patriots Uprising Radio Show How, Joins John Di Lemme to Discuss How Joe Biden will Destroy America

Gary Binford - The Biden Scam [8]


Conservative Lawyer Krisanne Hall & Patriot Philip Ndifon Share Why He was Kicked Off a Southwest Flight for “No Mask”

Trump Supporter Thrown Off Southwest - Conservative Business Journal - John Di Lemme [9]

Fmr Army Lt. Clint Lorance Charged with War Crimes and Pardoned by President Trump Shares His Story and the Truth about Trump

clint lorance stolen honor john di lemme [10]


Retire Military Intelligence Officer and Trump 2020 Advisory Board Member Lt. Steven Rogers Shares about Election Fraud

Steven Rogers Biden Scam Series [11]


Conservative Lawyer Christy McLaughlin Shares about 102 Year Old Cuban-American Great Grandmother Escaping Socialism

chrisy mclaughlin socialism grandmother [12]


Former Counterterrorism Officer Drew Berquist Gives His Insight about Joe Biden and the Democrats Stealing the Election

The Biden Scam - Drew Berquist [13]


Conservative Latina 45 Emma Jimenez Exposes the Truth about Trump and What He’s Done for Latinos

emma Jimenez Conservative Latina 45 - John Di Lemme - Conservative Business Journal [14]


Do Masks Really Work? Dr. Richard Urso Shares the Truth about Masks and if They Protect You from the Coronavirus!

Melissa Woodford Pro-Life - John Di Lemme - Conservative Business Journal [15]


MAGA Rapper Bryson Gray Shares Why He’s Proud to be a Black, Christian, Conservative Trump Supporter

Bryson Gray - John Di Lemme - Conservative Business Journal [16]


*Special Guest* My 11 Year Old Niece Shares How Trump Got 180 Votes versus Biden Got 17 Votes in Her Elementary School


Young Conservative Melissa Woodford Shares How She was Censored by a Professor Her Pro-Life Beliefs

Melissa Woodford Pro-Life - John Di Lemme - Conservative Business Journal [17]


Owner of 125th Street Pizza of Harlem, John Moore, Exposes How Lockdowns are Killing New York Businesses and What He’s Doing for His Community

New York Business Owner Lockdowns John Di Lemme - Conservative Business Owner [18]