Chicago Democrat leadership scrambled to present a hard-eyed response to the looting and rioting last weekend that appears to have been loosely planned or deliberately instigated.

Reports surfaced on social media that a 15-year-old boy had been shot by police. The person in question was actually a 20-year-old male with multiple arrests who had initiated fire at the officers. A crowd gathered in the Englewood neighborhood of Chicago soon after incorrect accounts of the incident were shared online.

Chicago PD Superintendent David Brown stated that later posts online called for looting. More than one news source used the word “caravan” to describe the looting effort. At least one U-Haul truck was being used during looting on Michigan Avenue to store stolen goods.  

Additionally, forty shootings took place over the weekend which included 4 fatalities. While the looting was fiercest in the Magnificent Mile neighborhood, the various fatal shootings took place on both the Northwest and South sides of Chicago.

Mayor Lightfoot made clear her stated intent to bring law and order to her city. Regarding the looters, Mayor Lightfoot said “This had nothing to do with protected First Amendment expression.”  She also leveled at them, “To those engaged in criminal behavior — let’s be clear — we are coming for you”. 

But these are likely just more words from a Mayor that has done nothing to protect the citizens of Chicago.

Superintendent Brown, in the same press conference commented on the overall mild criminal-justice response to looting earlier in the summer. A reporter, asking him to clarify, led to Lightfoot coming to the podium and indicating the correspondent was trying to bait officials and cause infighting.

Once again, just another attempt by Mayor Lightfoot to cover up her incompetence that has led to the destruction of Chicago.

At least 400 officers were present in the height of the rioting making over 100 arrests, but when criminals are immediately released without punishment, they will continue to re-offend.

Brown said at this conference, essentially, that he thought prosecutorial laxness played a heavy role in the looting taking place. Suspects from earlier summer riots “get released, many charges get dropped, and so they feel emboldened to do it more . . .” 

A local news crew captured people congregating around the front of CPD station 1. Some held umbrellas with the reporter noting this generally means various projectiles were expected. Also reported from this scene were various arrested subjects being released from the station.

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County Prosecutor Kim Foxx took issue with Brown’s statements though she has been criticized by local media and other public figures for being soft on crime. 

Foxx has dismissed more than 25,000 felony cases, including murder cases, during since November 2019, according to an analysis by the Chicago Tribune based on data from the Cook County State’s Attorney office.

According to Chicago Police data, as of August 2nd, the number of people killed in Chicago hit 450, up 55% from 291 the previous year. Shootings were up 48%, jumping from 1,220 to 1,804.

The people of Chicago are crying out for help only to have their Democrat leaders continue to ignore their pleas as violence escalates throughout the city.


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