We are in the midst of a Spiritual battle. It’s a fight for the soul and future of our nation. This is one of the most important battles our nation has faced since the civil war. It’s time for the church to stand up and fight!

Socialism seeks to replace the church and God with government. Socialism has been the cause of starvation, torture, enslavement and the deaths of over 100 Million people across the globe.

It traps, subjects and extinguishes all forms of freedom. Socialism changes the people of a nation from citizens to subjects and forces them to look up and praise and depend on the government as if it were God.

One would think that with these facts, it would be an idea that most in the Free World would reject. This abhorrent ideology has taken hold of the Democrat Party and now self-proclaimed socialists have been elected all over our country. The Party’s new platform morphed into a socialist agenda.

The Democrat Party now seeks to eliminate free speech, abolish ice, call for open borders, and persecute those who believe in ideologies different from what their doctrine dictates.

They have become anti-American, anti-freedom and anti-Christian. Our Judeo-Christian culture is under attack and unless the church stands up, America, the land of freedom as we know it, will be gone.

In order for us to save our nation we must support and rally behind President Trump. He is our biggest political defense against Marxism, and globalists like billionaire George Soros. President Trump stands up for America, God, Christians and the church.

Since the presidential elections of 2016, the Democrat Party and it’s followers have forcefully and routinely undermined the democratic values they are pledged to uphold. They have began an epidemic of incivility. They have normalized violence on our streets. They have carried assaults against conservatives in restaurants and carnage in the halls of Congress.

If Soros and his minions are left unchecked, they will take our country down to the ground and turn it into a living hell. It is why it is imperative for all Christians to join the frontline by supporting President Trump, our country and keep voting Republican.

The Church may not endorse politicians, but it does endorse principles. This President is fighting for those principles and it is time for the Church to stand united in the fight to preserve this vision. The vision of one nation under God, only then will this country stay indivisible with liberty and justice for all.


nataliaAbout the Author: Natalia Godoy is a Chilean American, full time accomplished political writer. She has dedicated her life to reaching out to the Latino community.  Has contributed with freelance interpretation services to local churches and is a former radio show host in Seattle, WA. She has been involved in helping Latina victims of domestic violence abuse. She has appeared as a guest in various conservative media platforms. She’s currently working on publishing her first book and building her “Red-Pill site” to further spread the conservative cause. 



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