In this NEW episode of the Conservative Business Journal Podcast, John Di Lemme interviews Conservative Babes founder Elisa Love Steele, pro-life activist and advocate for the unborn.

Elisa shares about…

– Her 21 year old mother’s decision escape from polygamy and an abusive marriage to provide a better life for her children

– Why poverty, incest, rape, and abuse are not absolutes for having an abortion

– Liberals are not “pro woman” if you don’t fit inside their box

– How Planned Parenthood and the entire abortion industry have lied to women for generations

– People that believe in abortion are pro-death not pro-choice

– How fathers are deeply impacted by abortions and the loss of a child

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Christie Di Lemme

Christie Di Lemme is the Co-Founder of the Conservative Business Journal. She absolutely loves America, supports President Trump, and believes that it's our responsibility as Christians to fight for our Conservative values in our country. Christie is also an attorney that hates injustice and takes pride in exposing the liberal left lies that devastate Americans.


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