Governor Andrew Cuomo is defending his administration’s decision to force nursing homes and assisted living facilities in New York to accept patients with covid-19 as the state reports more deaths at the long-term care facilities.

What you are about to read is from a well known doctor, who asked to remain anonymous for fear of retaliation for exposing the truth. His mother is a resident of an assisted living facility in New York, and he’s horrified at what is happening. You will be too…

Imagine you were told that the apartment building your elderly parents were living in was being forced by the state government to take in a bunch of trained assassins, who had previously committed multiple murders.

Or your college age daughter calls you to say her dormitory was being forced by the state to take in multiple people with a history of rape. Would any of that make sense? What would you do?

Yet that is exactly what is occurring in New York State, where Governor Cuomo and Health Commissioner Zucker are forcing nursing homes and assisted living facilities to take in Coronavirus positive patients back into their facilities.

Forced to take back people known to be spreading the virus into their population.

I am a physician and my mom lives in an assisted living facility on Long Island and I am told they have no choice but to take these patients in, and have been threatened with their state licenses if they resist or make too much noise. This facility has had many deaths now among their elderly and fragile residents.

Let me make this simple and talk common sense…

The virus is a known killer, especially among the elderly and people with chronic diseases. It is invisible and easily transmits from one person to the other.

To make things much worse these facilities do not have the proper construction, like hospitals, with what are called negative pressure rooms, which are designed to keep the virus from spreading. They do not have adequate levels of personal protective equipment as priority was given to hospitals, and their staff is not as well trained in infection control measures.

It is a perfect storm for what exactly has occurred in New York where thousands of residents in senior centers have needlessly died. These are our fathers and mothers, who although elderly still had many good years to live and enjoy their families.

It wasn’t their time yet.. they didn’t have to die.

To be clear I don’t think the governor or health commissioner are bad people. I don’t think they purposely made a bad decision. When they made the initial decision they were facing what they were being told was a total implosion of the health care system, so they were focused on emptying the hospitals.

But now is a different story…

Now, they know much more about the virus. Now, they have successfully flattened the curve. Now, they know how deadly this disease is among the elderly living in these senior facilities. Now, common sense would tell you it is time for them to make a new decision.

Take the “killer” out of the senior centers. Place the coronavirus positive patients someplace else until they are proven to no longer be shedding virus to others.

I don’t at all understand why the governor is doubling down on his decision and blaming the nursing home’s staff, other than he is being stubborn. Perhaps he feels boxed in by all the press saying he has “blood on his hands” from his original decision.

I don’t see it that way. He made a reasonable decision at the time he made it with the information he knew at that time. I will give him that break. But now he knows different.

Now, he can easily pivot and still save face. Now, he can truly protect the elderly and vulnerable and show leadership. If he remains stubborn, and tries to claim he didn’t know or blame it all on the senior centers,  then he will have blood on his hands.

I think he is better than that. I believe he will step up and make a bold change.. yes maybe take a little heat, but in the end save many more lives.

Governor Cuomo.. Commissioner Zucker.. Please make the right decision for our elderly citizens.

This is an update that I just received today from this inside source…

When I wrote this article I did not yet know that my mother had already caught the coronavirus…. 

I received the call this morning. Her oxygen levels are down, but so far we are hopeful she will do okay.

She has been on lock down for over a month. She has had no contact with any other residents, only staff, yet she still caught the disease.

The virus does not respect the “rules”, does not just stay on the “positive residents ward”, the virus does exactly what it was designed to do… travel and infect more people.

As I said common sense should tell you not to bring infected patients back into an already high risk facility. When will the governor show some mercy and fix this mess?


John Di Lemme is available to share more specific details about this situation and provide updates from the doctor that has bravely come forward to expose the truth. For media interviews, Call/Text (561) 847-3467 or Email [email protected]



John Di Lemme

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