Over 9,500 Michigan voters marked dead by Social Security Death Index allegedly returned their ballots anyway. Plus 2,000+ people over the age of 100 also returned their ballots.

CNN alleges they disproved this after examining 0.003% of a list of 14,000 names and found no serious errors. However, such errors would obviously be in favor of President Trump, who the fake news media hates. Do we actually believe CNN’s findings?

Birth dates for absentee or incomplete ballots often entered as 01/01/1900 may be to blame…or possibly it’s just blatant fraud. Dead people also appear to be voting in states other than Michigan.

Media fact-checkers stampede while Facebook and Twitter remove and/or flags posts making deceased voters claims. Once again, liberal tech czars and left-leaning media companies are controlling the flow of information to the American people.

Dead people voting is just one of many voter fraud issues being presented to courts by the Trump team

Lastly, there was only one man that raised the dead…and it wasn’t Joe Biden!

Conservative Business Journal Team

The Conservative Business Journal Team is made up of brilliant writers and journalists from across America that stand behind the Conservative Movement and understand the importance of getting the REAL News to the American people.


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