Democrats have allowed lawlessness to continue for weeks in cities across America and provoke even more violence with their calls to defund the police.

Their lack of action and anti-police rhetoric has resulted in destruction, injury, and death including at least six children, ages 6 to 14, over the July 4th weekend.

These deaths have nothing to do with systemic racism or police brutality. This tragic loss of life is the direct result of liberal left politicians not doing their job to protect innocent citizens and going against President Trump’s demand for law and order in America.

We must hold these elected leaders accountable…

Lori Lightfoot – Mayor of Chicago, Illinois: When President Trump said that he would deploy the military to stop the violence in her city, Mayor Lightfoot responded that she would “see him in court.” Military assistance was rejected.

There have been 347 murders in Chicago in 2020 including 9 children in just the last two weeks. Local officials have begged Lightfoot to help their communities to no avail.

Muriel Bowser – Mayor of Washington DC:  Mayor Bowser accused President Trump of using the U.S. military as “toy soldiers” to “intimidate Americans” in her city. She went on to say, “The very first thing is we want the military — we want troops from out-of-state out of Washington, DC.” 

There have been 89 murders in 2020 under Mayor Bowser’s leadership including the killing of an 11 year old boy over the 4th of July weekend.

Keisha Lance Bottoms – Mayor of Atlanta, Georgia: When President Trump threatened to deploy troops to Atlanta due to the violence overtaking the city, Mayor Bottoms said that the President “should just stop talking” and “this is not about using military force.” 

After the violent July 4th weekend in which over 30 people were injured and five people killed including an 8 year old girl, Republican Governor Brian Kemp intervened and declared a state of emergency in Georgia in which the National Guard will help secure the city.

Bill de Blasio – Mayor of New York City: As he watched looters and rioters destroy the Big Apple night after night, Mayor de Blasio rejected President Trump’s offer to send in troops and told reporters, “We do not need nor do we think it’s wise for the National Guard to be in New York City.”  De Blasio went on to say, “When outside armed forces go into communities, no good comes of it.” 

New York City homicides have soared in the first six months by 21% and shootings are up 46%. Recently, a 2 year old child was slashed in the face with a knife by an unknown assailant as his babysitter pushed his stroller along the sidewalk. This violence will continue as Mayor de Blasio cuts the NYPD budget and disbands units protecting the city.

Of course, these liberal leaders are shifting the blame from themselves to someone or something else like the coronavirus, but Americans know the truth…

Democrats would rather watch their cities burn to the ground than work with President Trump. 

Their political aspirations are much more important than the lives of the innocent citizens in their cities. After all, a Democrat working with President Donald Trump, even for the good of our nation, is political suicide. 

Listen to my Conservative Business Journal Podcast with Lieutenant Steve Rogers, 35 Year Veteran Police Officer and former Military Intelligence Officer, as he shares how violence destroying America is being escalated by Democrat leadership…

John Di Lemme

John Di Lemme is a speaker, author, capitalism strategist, and founder of the Conservative Business Journal with a team of 20+ contributors. He has built one of the top Conservative news sites feared by the fake news with a proven Alexa ranking. John is also host of the absolutely explosive Conservative Business Journal Podcast news media series featuring over 200 guests, the who’s who in the Conservative Movement. Every guest is hand-picked exclusively by John based on their commitment to stand firm on their conservative values and never cower to the liberal left. He is a fierce fighter and protector of Conservative values that are the foundation of America. John has over two decades of experience traveling the world as a Conservative capitalism strategist, elite speaker, top podcaster, and accomplished author of over 20 books including his soon to be released book “Making Capitalism Great Again – How to Maximize America’s Booming Economy Plus the ABCs of Socialism versus Capitalism.”


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