(The author wishes to remain nameless due to being a violent crime survivor.)

As business owners are attacked and their stores are pillaged across America, our local elected officials say nothing or excuse the mob. 

Joe Biden blames Donald Trump’s America, and Kamala Harris says she is proud of a sexual assault suspect. 

What’s happening now is shocking and unbelievable. And, the Democratic candidates for President and Vice President are flirting with criminal thugs who harass innocent Americans. This is a slap in the face to all law-abiding citizens, especially those of us who have already survived a crime.

After my ordeal 30 years ago, a counselor told me that perpetrators of crime are looking for power and control. They want to dominate their victims. 

The left is waging an attack on middle-class, everyday Americans. They want to control us and force us into submission, which I think means to vote for Joe Biden, by screaming in our faces and demanding we raise a fist.

Thankfully, I survived my situation years ago, though what I see and hear from the Democrats sound like déjà vu all over again.

In his recent speech in Pittsburgh, Joe Biden addressed the violence that has been happening in major American cities since the George Floyd protests began. 

Biden blamed “Donald Trump’s America.” It sounds like an attempt to blame Trump voters for all the violence at the BLM protests. Is Biden using the old “blame the victim” strategy here?

The perpetrator in my case blamed me for the attack. It was an attempt to manipulate me so that I would not call the police.

If the perpetrators of crimes at the BLM protests are Trump voters, why would Kamala Harris want to raise money to bail people out? Wouldn’t she be bailing out Trump voters?

See her tweet from June 1st where she urges people to give to the Minnesota Freedom Fund, an organization dedicated to “racial justice” after the riots there. 

Kamala Harris - crime

Biden and Harris should be pressed on these issues.

In June, in an interview with Stephen Colbert, Kamala Harris warned us that the protests would continue. She said, “Everyone Beware…this will not stop…”

It’s not clear if she is referring to the violence at the protests or peaceful protests. But, why would everyone need to be warned if she is referring to peaceful protests? And, why is no one in the media asking her?

Recently, Kamala Harris visited Jacob Blake, a sexual assault suspect who police say resisted arrest and was shot in the back. Blake’s attorney said that Kamala Harris told Black that she is proud of him. 

Harris Jacob Blake Lawyer

Why would Kamala Harris be proud of Blake? I could understand Harris applauding Blake if he is turning his life around. Though, it doesn’t sound that way from his attorney’s tweet.

Why would Harris say she is proud of Blake? We deserve to know that. The Democrats have marketed themselves as caring about women crime victims. Praising a sex assault suspect is an affront to sexual assault survivors and victims who did not survive.

It’s not just Harris who seems to deny and downplay violence. Jerry Nadler, the House Judiciary Committee Chairman, called the ANTIFA violence in Portland a myth after almost two months of rioting there.

Also, Tucker Carlson reported on his show that if you type in antifa.com into your browser, it will take you to Joe Biden’s website. 

It still is that way. If Joe Biden really wants to distance himself and condemn the ANTIFA violence, why would he allow that? Shouldn’t he have control over his own website? If he doesn’t, he should say so and denounce any ties to ANTIFA.

To be clear, I’m not saying that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are perpetrators attacking Americans. I’m saying that they seem to support and encourage the people who are.

Joe Biden’s statements blaming the violence on Trump’s America don’t seem to be in line with the facts.

President Trump has condemned the violent protests for months, and he has urged the Democratic governors to call on the National Guard for help. He also sent federal agents to Portland to protect the courthouse.

President Trump also supports law enforcement officers and vows to maintain law and order. His words line up with his actions.

ANTIFA, the militant Leftist group, has a history of political violence. Why won’t Biden and Harris denounce them?

Andy Ngo is a journalist who was attacked by ANTIFA operatives before the George Floyd protests began. ANTIFA has a history of political violence in America.

Just go to YouTube.com and search for “ANTIFA violence survivors.” You will see interviews with Andy and other ANTIFA violence survivors.

We know that the Democratic vice-presidential candidate called for donations to bail out looters and rioters in Minneapolis.

It makes me wonder, do Biden and Harris ever think about the business owners who’ve lost everything? What about the women who have been hurt by all of this political unrest?

What about the men, even children, who have been murdered since the left has demanded that we defund the police? 

What else would Joe Biden and Kamala Harris tolerate?

What I saw and experienced as a college student was pure evil. And, what I’m seeing today is also evil.

Marxist revolutionaries are using psychological manipulation to carry out violent attacks on business owners and then getting away with it by blaming white Americans because of their race.

Completely innocent people are being accused and found guilty by nonsensical angry mobs, which are funded by the left.

Some are bowing down before the mob and agreeing that we are a problem. That may seem like the answer now, but it only encourages more attacks.

It only furthers the lie that white people are guilty because of their skin color. It will only make things worse and dehumanizes us. These revolutionaries don’t care about George Floyd or you or me.

The political violence that was unimaginable four months ago is now very real.

We should consider it a warning for what will come if Biden and Harris win the election… more blaming of innocent Americans for crimes of the past, more burning and looting of businesses, fewer police to protect us, and more crime.


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