Election fraud allegations have received little news coverage as hard evidence has been challenging to come by. The news media has been downplaying or ignoring much of it.

The Democratic-influenced public and government unions, as well as many Democratic politicians in the now heavily-disputed states, appear to simply be closing ranks.

Yet, as the number of election workers, observers and related people alleging serious ballot problems swell, three more have publicly gone on the record with the Amistad Project. Two truck drivers and a navy vet who served as a Pennsylvania poll watcher made statements.

Phill Kline, leader of the 2020-election accountability Amistad Project hosted a meeting at a hotel in Arlington, Virginia. The whistleblowers include two truck drivers and a Navy veteran poll observer publicly went on record with their claims.

Both of the drivers work for private subcontractors servicing the USPS. They report a number of anomalies and clearly suspicious happenings regarding the transport of large numbers of ballots.

The allegations included Ethan Pease’s statements regarding the delivery of ballots in Wisconsin. Mr. Pease was a subcontracted private box-truck driver for USPS who identified two postal workers by name. He stated that one of them named “Rachel”  alleged that she had been ordered to “backdate”  ballots.

Pease describes an openly hostile attitude among certain USPS employees who handled some of his responsibilities. He claims they joked about tossing mail-in ballots for Trump.

He also claimed that, despite handling less than a dozen ballots in the days leading up the election, he got a call from a regional USPS employee over a disputed 100,000 missing ballots soon after Nov 3. “I believe that to be a lie,”  Pease said. He concluded by saying that he did not vote for either Trump or Biden.

Gregory Stenstrom is a Navy veteran and was a poll observer in Pennsylvania. He confirmed the battle to get access to observe. “It was a 5-hour battle to get into the counting center, and three days to get into the processing center,” he said.

Stenstrom asserts that he saw people being given regular ballots where they ought to have received provisional ones. In addition, he claims to have seen USB drives pulled from voting machines and shuffled in with others. This, he states was a “forensically destructive process.” That is, it ruins an audit trail.

Jesse Morgan is a tractor-trailer driver who stated that he observed ballots, some with Harrisburg addresses, being shipped from Bethpage, New York. He and his cargo were eventually re-routed to Lancaster, Pennsylvania instead of Harrisburg.

This, after a six-hour delay in Harrisburg where a high-ranking postal official directed him to Lancaster while refusing to issue any paperwork.

After dropping his trailer, he left with his truck and returned sometime later to see his usual trailer was simply gone. He gave the number of his trailer “10R1440.”  The number of ballots in question was 144,000 to 288,000. The events he described, in detail, took place starting on Oct 21, 2020.

Morgan asserts that he saw, for certain, “thousands” of ballots in his coach that day at least some of which had Harrisburg addresses. With the various anomalies that day he says “as things became weirder”, he began to wonder why completed ballots with Pennsylvania addresses needed to be sent from the state of New York to Pennsylvania.

The transmitting of fraudulent ballots across state lines renders that a federal crime. The Amistad project’s Phill Kline said they will be in contact with the FBI and working with local law enforcement agencies and figures nationwide as they continue to probe.


Listen to this episode of the Conservative Business Journal Podcast as John Di Lemme interviews Phill Kline, former Kansas Attorney General and Director of The Amistad Project, about how the Democrats and blue state governors used covid-19 fear to change the way we vote and how elections are managed…

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