While the liberal left would like for you to believe that guns are the driving force behind school shootings, there’s much more to the underlying root cause of this type of mass violence. 

Guns are just the weapon of choice used to carry out the deadly act. The reason behind the actions of the killer are linked to not only mental health issues, but also a breakdown in the school system.

No, I’m not an expert about this subject matter…

I’m a concerned citizen that wants to know what I can do to stop children from dying at school.  Fortunately, I was able to find a lot of the answers to my questions in a new book titled, “Why Meadow Died, The People and Policies that Created the Parkland Shooter and Endanger America’s Students.”

The author of the book, Andrew Pollack, is an expert, but not by choice. His daughter, Meadow, was murdered at her high school during a mass shooting on Valentine’s day last year.

This week, I along with my wife, Christie, had the opportunity to meet Andrew at a book signing event and hear him share about why he wrote the book and how the school system failed his daughter and all of the other victims and their families.

This is a photo of me and Andrew at the event…

andrew pollack

So, who should read this book?

EVERYONE!  No community is immune to school violence. Why Meadow Died is not a detailed account of the school shooting or the shooter. Yes, that information is included, but more importantly, why and how it was allowed to happen is laid out clearly.

I truly believe that the wisdom that Andrew Pollack shares within the pages of this book will save hundreds if not thousands of lives and create an awareness among school administrators, teachers, parents, students, and the community that will make our schools safe again.

Click on the link below to listen to my podcast with Andrew Pollack and grab multiple copies of the book…


The children in our great nation should feel secure going to school. Let’s work together to create a safe environment for them to thrive and enjoy learning no matter what school they attend or where they live in America.


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