A 28-page paper has been released by the Secular Democrats of America group, a small fundraising agency, that is causing concern within certain religious communities.

Leaders in the Congressional Freethought Caucus, a supposedly atheist/non-religious government group, were behind the proposal. The caucus has 14 members, all Democrats, over half of them from coastal states. 

In so many words, religion and government need to be separated not by a wall, but a fortress. No matter how small or insignificant, any overlap of the two, they want to annihilate it.

But only certain kinds of religion. The catch-all notion of White Christian Nationalism was given as the reason for them putting forward their proposal. Right in the introduction, they smear all religious conservatives with one brush: 

“We urge you not to underestimate the institutional strength of what we refer to (interchangeably) in this document as the ‘Christian nationalist movement’ or the ‘religious right.’ ” they said to the Biden team.

The group shows a careful avoidance of the word “racist”. But they do, in essence, equate the 700 Club with the White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan. 

Looking closer, the proposal targets conservative Christians at the outset. In reality, the paper is a push for hard-left social policies, laws and an almost supernatural level of belief in certain laboratory sciences. 

Strategically, the paper does not mention gender, sexuality (except sex ed) or abortion in any detail. But Ron Millar, a humanism activist and a founding member of Freethought Caucus’ parent group has given the traditional secular wishlist as part of his aims for this forum:

– (more) birth control availability

– climate change prevention

– abortion

– LGBT issues 

All this, in addition to punishing religious conservatives; doing so using the federal government. Furthermore, they tell the Biden team: “It is no longer enough just to champion the rights of minorities and marginalized communities or to promote inclusion and equality. We urge you to champion America’s original constitutional secularism.” 

Secular Democrats’ use of the word “discriminate” very strategically.  In essence, getting rid of discrimination for the Secular Democrats means force.

It would force religious groups to prove everything they do is for a non-religious reason. Doing anything that involves ideas of conception, sexuality, gender and the afterlife is off-limits. Including, as it were, the valuing of human life over other forms of life. That is, unless they can prove it was done for a non-religious reason. 

Hiring practices and providing birth-control in health insurance are just two examples. Though a thorough fact-check would say this is lacking context, it is essentially what the Freethought Congressional Caucus wants to happen. 

US laws and traditions are sympathetic to freedom of conscience. But the bill’s group does not appear to be simply atheists or agnostics wanting some recognition. 

Curiously, the most well-known member of the Congressional Freethought Caucus is one of the first practicing Muslims in congress. She was sworn in using an English-translation of the Qur’an. She has also been known for her outsized, vocal hatred of president Trump. Rashida Tlaib of Michigan is a member. 

They close with a recommendation of over 40 federal policies in 15 different agencies that they want reversed. 

On the table, for the group, are many deeply unpopular and morally questionable items:

– end or restrict Paycheck Protection and federal relief for faith-based groups

– stop payments to faith-based contractors in Veteran’s Affairs services 

– remove (again) freedom of conscience in providing birth control under Obamacare

– add hoops to jump through for faith-based farming groups under the Department of Agriculture

The paper is not a plea for tolerance or acceptance of those with a deliberate refusal towards religion. The actual aim is to express their disdain for religious people and enact a soft persecution using the power of the government. 


Religious freedom is often taken for granted in America; however, Christians are being persecuted in many other parts of the world. 

Listen to this episode of the Conservative Business Journal Podcast with John Di Lemme and Reverend Johnnie Moore, co-author of “The Next Jihad: Stop the Christian Genocide in Africa”, who shares why America must wake up to the horrors of religious persecution that could easily come to our nation…

Rev Johnnie Moore

Conservative Business Journal Team

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  1. Dear Mr. Di Lemme,
    I read everything. I don’t know what to say, except that I’m dumbfounded. Please God help us.
    Let me tell you one thing; honestly, I don’t know if these folks who are so very destructive have actually gotten elected. They may have cheated their way into office.
    I wonder if this people could actually do PAPER BALLOTS when voting.
    I doubt any one in their right mind VOTES for these scoundrels!!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 I SEE TRUMP support so very much. So we must stand strong for God and country and continue to spread the good word.
    I appreciate your work Mr. John and Christy.♥️


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