Many Americans seem confused as to why Joe Biden was given funds earlier this week to start his “transition” as the next President of the United States when the election results have not been formally certified and President Trump is still fighting against the overwhelming election fraud.

Emily Murphy, head of the General Services Administration (GSA) has stated her role is not to declare or to indicate who won an election.

“I have the ability under the Presidential Transition Act of 1963, as amended, to make certain post-election resources and services available to assist in the event of a presidential transition.”

She added that “the GSA Administrator does not pick or certify the winner of a presidential election.” 

The letter cited $7.3 mil and certain staff or appointee training resources to be allowed to the Biden team. Trump applauded Murphy’s service in a tweet on Tuesday.

Despite the media clamor that this was an election death certificate, late Monday night the president restated his position: “We are moving full speed ahead. Will never concede to fake ballots & Dominion.” 

Murphy added that she had no pressure from any agency or the White House regarding the timing. She did say that she’s received written, phone and digital threats to “coerce me into making the decision prematurely [. . .]  but added that she did not. 

Despite what the liberal news media wants Americans to believe, Donald J. Trump is still the President of the United States and fighting to prove how the Democrats are attempting to steal the 2020 election from the American people.

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