Miami, Florida has the highest number of abortion facilities per capita in the nation. However, Martha Avila, President of Heartbeat of Miami Clinics, is paving the way for pregnancy help medical centers in Miami.

I sat down with Martha as she shared her purpose for opening the clinics and her testimony of her coming to Christ.

We held our interview at what once was an abortion clinic. Now, it’s one of the four Heartbeat of Miami Clinics. After our interview, we get a tour of the clinic and also visit the most important room: The War Room

The services provided at these clinics are completely free, even the ultrasounds. The staff cares for the women and walks with them during pregnancy and after giving birth. Over 90% of the women who walk through their doors choose LIFE.

Watch our interview and the tour of one of the clinics here…

The Heartbeat of Miami is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization that is passionate about providing help to women and couples with an unplanned or unwanted pregnancy through the gospel of life and the message of hope.

The organization provides competent and caring services that empower women with education so that they can make an informed decision.

Services include pregnancy tests, sonograms, peer counseling, parenting education, adoption referrals, and opportunities to learn about healthy sexual values and personal growth. All of the services are free and confidential.

They need your help to keep these clinics running. Any monetary donations will help. Also, if you have any furniture you’d like to donate, that would be greatly appreciated as well.

By donating your money to these clinics, you will be investing in saving the lives of the voiceless.


Call: (305) 863-2155 for tours or to donate.


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