FBI Director Christopher Wray had the opportunity to remove the stench of the Comey Gang. He’s failed miserably. Wray’s legacy will be one of failed leadership and stonewalling.

The failure to provide General Flynn the documents which proved his innocence was based on the misguided notion of avoiding further embarrassment. It all came out in the wash anyway adding an element of sleaze to the new FBI.

Wray’s consistent refusal to comply with legitimate Congressional record request is puzzling. He’s either incompetent or part of the problem.

Nineteen congressional Republicans have signed a letter addressed to Director Wray. The letter is regarding the agency’s possession of perceived impeachment-related data.

House members want to know if the FBI had the information from Hunter Biden’s laptop turned in to the FBI by a computer repair shop worker that supposedly contained highly sensitive information relevant to the early 2020 impeachment.

The laptop was known to be in possession of the FBI in December 2019; roughly one month before the impeachment vote of 2020. This according to the New York Post story released earlier in the week. The House letter was apparently drafted by Andy Biggs, a member of Arizona’s 5th house district.

In December of 2019, House Democrats were preparing to follow through with an impeachment threat on president Trump. The impetus for this was inflated charges of extortion levied at the president regarding Ukraine’s president.

In a phone call from July of 2019, the text of which was later released publicly, Trump discussed political, diplomatic and foreign-aid matters with Voladymyr Zelensky, the president of Ukraine.

In the call, Trump made circuitous, potentially foreign-aid contingent requests for Zelensky to cooperate with Trump and his allies to investigate the US president’s political opponents for misdealings. This was inflated to say Trump had issued a “quid pro quo” and that allegation was carried through the rest of last year mainly on enthusiasm from the Democratic base.

Recently discovered emails have indicated that Democratic Presidential Nominee Joe Biden was likely also levying power and influence for his son, Hunter Biden, to get lucrative consultancy deals in Ukraine.

Though establishment newspapers have stated the emails are not authenticated, the emails directly indicate involvement by both Joe Biden and Hunter Biden.

Other clues in the story, including salacious video that reportedly shows Hunter Biden as well as some manner of insignia saying the laptop was from the Beau Biden foundation.

The charges have long been known regarding retaliation onto Ukraine’s primary government attorney. The sums involved in the alleged Democratic matters do go into the United States equivalent of billions.

The letter from the nineteen House members has one primary demand and it relates to recent media reports. These reports alleged that Hunter Biden’s laptop containing impeachment-related information was in their possession immediately before the impeachment vote.

The emails give very strong indications that, as long suspected, Hunter Biden had highly questionable dealings with the Burisma firm and its number three executive. This was in addition to Joe Biden’s travel to Ukraine and the subsequent dislodging of Viktor Shokin from Attorney General of Ukraine for investigation of Burisma.

The House members further request answers as to why the FBI apparently sat on high-level information directly relevant to the impeachment of a sitting president.

Information that directly indicated Joe Biden, the second highest American leader, directly interfering with Ukraine’s international policy for personal reasons and later denying it.  In addition, they want to know what steps were taken to authenticate the information on the laptop.

An FBI spokesperson confirmed receipt of the letter but refused to comment as it was an open investigation. To date, Joe Biden has also refused to comment and even lashes out at reporters for asking questions about the matter.

Director Wray has an opportunity to demonstrate his leadership of the finest law enforcement agency on earth. Unfortunately, the odds are that he will be packing his bags on November 4th.

The letter requested answers by 5:00pm ET on October 22, 2020. 


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