Two Chicago-area police officers and one retired pilot from Texas were killed in a traffic crash in Kerr, Texas after a drunk illegal alien crossed the center line and plowed head-on into the Thin Blue Line Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club.

The deceased are Michael White, a Chicago-area Community Services Officer and a veteran; Joseph Paglia a retired Illinois officer, and Jerry Wayne Harbour, a retired Army Lt. Col. and retired Eastern Airlines Pilot. Harbour was from nearby Houston. Numerous other members were also injured.

thin blue line motorcycle club illegal alien
Joseph Paglia, Michael White, and Jerry Wayne Harbour (Thin Blue Line Club)

The Thin Blue Line LEMC (Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club) is a nationwide group of motorcycle enthusiasts who are active or retired law enforcement, including military, veterans and supporters of the group.

This crash took place on Texas route 16 as a smaller group of members were heading to a larger gathering in Medina, Texas. The Thin Blue Line LEMC web page reads “As a fraternal organization, we strive to support one another, law enforcement professionals and our community.”

According to witnesses in the group, a car headed in the opposite direction veered into the staggered formation of motorcycles. The driver, identified as Ivan Robles Nevajas (an illegal alien), 28, remains in custody, facing nine felony counts related to drunk driving, including six counts of felony intoxicated assault with a vehicle, three felony counts of intoxicated manslaughter with a vehicle and one immigration violation.

Ivan Robles Nevajas illegal alien

Navjas’ bond was set at $500,000. He was in custody on an immigration hold, a spokesman for the Kerr County sheriff said. The accused lost his temporary residence status last year and an ICE spokesperson confirmed he is a Mexican national who was “unlawfully present” in the US.

Nevajas has had a series of run-ins with law enforcement, one of them particularly violent. He is alleged to have driven his Ford Ranger, striking a man whom he then assaulted. The victim further claimed that, before leaving the scene, Nevajas bit him. Resisting arrest and at least one previous intoxicated driving charge were in records before this 2018 alleged assault.

Lax immigration laws and enforcement enacted during the Obama administration meant those earlier crimes and charges failed to trigger significant alarm or serious reconsideration of his citizenship. 

In a segment on San Antonio local news, the Ambassador David Weed of
Thin Blue Line noted the memorial tradition of this group would now be
longer. “At the beginning of each meeting we have a roll call. And there were five names on that roll call of past members who have passed away and everybody in the room says those five names. Well, now we’ll have three more names added to that list.”

The following video was posted on the Thin Blue Line Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club Facebook page with these words…

“It does not matter what side of the isle you reside on. If you ride and know the true feeling of freedom, of the wind in your face, of riding with your brothers and sisters, then you understand.

In memory of our brothers GT, Wings and Psycho… This memory was recorded shortly before they left this mortal earth and rode into the gates of Heaven! As our brother GT famously said, Freedom On!”


How many more innocent American citizens have to die at the hands of illegal aliens? We must continue to press forward with immigration reform in our country.

Listen to this Conservative Business Journal podcast with John Di Lemme as he interviews Jim Walden who shares about his 21 year old son, Lance Corporal James Ray “Jimmie” Walden III, who was killed by a criminal illegal alien that crossed the center line and hit his son head-on killing him instantly…

jimmie walden killed by illegal alien

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