Dear James Comey…

I find myself reacting with deep visceral disgust and disdain as I read the IG (Inspector General) report of your total disregard for not only the law, but for everything that is decent and honorable.

Your pompous, arrogant and narcissistic attitude towards the rule of law and the people of the United States only goes to prove your “ends justifies the means” dirty dealings of the deep state. And for you, as one with immense power, to abuse your position of trust and authority, makes a mockery of Lady Justice and the rule of law.

For the leader of an agency as powerful as the FBI, who has the ability to bankrupt and destroy any citizen they choose, to engage in this behavior is not only downright despicable but destructive. You, sir, have been one of the ringleaders who has purposely attempted to bring down, by hook or crook, the duly elected President of the United States.

This sends shivers up and down my spine knowing that the deep state not only has, but is willing to thwart and subvert the will of the people through such treasonous activities with seemingly carte blanche immunity.

Mr. Comey, I have lost ALL respect for and trust in you and others of the likes of Hillary Clinton, Andrew McCabe, Eric Holder, Loretta Lynch, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page and, yes, even Barack Obama and many other known and unknown deep state operatives.

I can no longer hold the FBI, DOJ and certain administrations up as a paragon of virtue and justice.

I can no longer tell my children and grandchildren to respect you. I now tell them to love their country but to NEVER trust their government ever again.

And until there is a whole-cloth change in the senior leadership and management of the FBI and other bureaucracies within the government, we are doomed to live under the heavy and partisan hand of a totalitarian-like government similar to Russia or China.

Smile and smirk all day long, sir, and count your lucky stars that, for now, you have avoided prosecution. But do not expect me, nor any other American to apologize to your narcissistic self, until the temperature in hell has dropped below 32°F and the snow flurries are flying.

Sickened by it all…

Pressley Stutts, CDR, CHC, USNR-R

*Author Pressley Stutts is a Retired Navy Commander and American entrepreneur that proudly stands for truth and justice and fights against the Deep State players that seek to destroy our great nation.

Below is photo of John Di Lemme, founder of Conservative Business Journal, and Pressley Stutts. John will be interviewing Pressley on an upcoming episode of the Conservative Business Journal Podcast. 

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Pressley Stutts

Pressley Stutts is a retired Naval Officer (CDR, CHC). He spent 22 of his 30-year career attached to the Marine Corps. He is an entrepreneur and grass roots activist. He serves as the Chairman of the Greenville County, SC TEA Party and also serves as Chairman of ROCK THE RED USA, a grassroots educational movement seeking to educate, motivate and activate citizens to get involved rather than sit around and complain. He resides in Simpsonville, SC and his passion is restoring the nation to the values intended by the Founding Fathers for the sake of his grandchildren.


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