The Conservative Business Journal is the brainchild of John Di Lemme that was birthed through his frustration and dissatisfaction of seeing businesses fearful of the repercussions they would face for standing on their conservative values and commitment to America's free enterprise system.

As a strategic business coach, international speaker, podcaster, and author for over 18 years, John knew that he had to take drastic action that would give conservatives the strength to stand firm and build record-breaking businesses.

The Conservative Business Journal will empower conservative businesses, entrepreneurs, and professionals to keep fighting for their right to live the American dream and maximize our capitalistic society.

What is the Conservative Business Journal?

  • Online and offline media publication that brings Real News and updates about Conservative Businesses to the American people
  • Featuring and highlighting Conservative Businesses and Entrepreneurs across our great nation
  • Giving the silent majority in America a voice...the silent majority is silent no more!
  • Counterattack on socialism to prevent the extreme left from destroying our free enterprise system
  • Open forum to share Conservative views without the fear of being shutdown or boycotted
  • Community to network with like-minded Conservative Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, and Professionals that share the same core values such as hard work, integrity, and honesty

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