Juanita Broaddrick shared this today on Twitter…

“Forty-two years ago today, I was raped by Bill Clinton.”

juanita broaddrick clinton

For those that have told her, it’s time to let it go…

Someone that has been brutally raped can never just “let go” of what has happened to them especially when their rapist is never brought to justice for the crime, the media does its best to discredit the victim, and so-called activists don’t stand up the victim.

Hear Juanita share the Real Story of what happened on this day 42 years ago on the Conservative Business Journal Podcast…

Plus get an autographed copy of Juanita’s best-selling book, “You’d Better Put Some Ice On That: How I Survived Being Raped by Bill Clinton” here – http://juanitabroaddrick.com

Juanita shares the horrific details of the rape and how it forever changed her life, but more importantly, you’ll learn about who she is as a person – a singer, nurse, successful business owner, mother, patriot, and someone that has changed lives of thousands of people.

juanita broaddrick

Christie Di Lemme

Christie Di Lemme is the Co-Founder of the Conservative Business Journal. She absolutely loves America, supports President Trump, and believes that it's our responsibility as Christians to fight for our Conservative values in our country. Christie is also an attorney that hates injustice and takes pride in exposing the liberal left lies that devastate Americans.


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