Law enforcement agencies across America are preparing for potential riots or as Democrats call them “peaceful protests” on and after the election on November 3, 2020.

Police recently sent a text to Beverly Hills businesses encouraging them to board up all their storefronts. For safety reasons, they said “no retail businesses should operate while boarded up and while Rodeo [Drive] is under a hard closure.”

In New York City, a leaked internal memo, citing the political climate and the possibility of a close or disputed election, urged its members to be ready for unrest lasting into 2021.

When queried on local TV news, NYC police commissioner Dermot Shea said the main concern was that earlier protests in the year were during the hard lockdown. He noted protests and crime have gone up since then.

New York state’s governor Andrew Cuomo has issued back-and-forth policy on lockdowns. His frequently bellicose messaging and clashes with mayor New York City mayor de Blasio have caused further ire and confusion for residents.

The surge in violence, not only from hijacked protests but also in general crime statistics, in the most congested parts of America’s largest cities is on the minds of law enforcement around the country as the election approaches.

New Jersey and Ohio have been working with DHS and FBI in preparation for unrest. Minneapolis, the original bomb-fuse of nationwide protests but also violence and looting has, through their public information officer, said they are planning and preparing for the worst.

Houston, Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin and San Antonio will see a total of one thousand Texas National Guard troops. Washington State presently has 300 National Guard troops training. Seattle police, like most major American cities, have either cancelled or otherwise limited time off for local officers for the coming days.

Chicago’s Superintendent David Brown, like many law enforcement leaders, affirmed constitutional rights but stated police are prepared to shut down violence:

“ . . . we are in our neighborhoods in a very strong posture to make sure our, not only our First Amendment, but that our assets, that our critical infrastructure, that our retail corridors are all protected from any wrongdoers.”

David Brown’s mentioning of critical infrastructure may be an allusion to concerns over cyberattacks.

Federal officials are aware of the potential for foreign interference: earlier in the month, spoofed emails traced to an Iranian interest showed up in the inboxes of voters in battleground states.

Targeting registered democrats, the emails claimed to be from the Proud Boys, a far-right cultural and online group. The current leader of the Proud Boys denied involvement and condemned the emails.

Media and democratic spin over the Hunter Biden scandal, including a hastily drafted and signed letter from former intelligence officials, has re-created a low-level news cycle din regarding supposed Russian disinformation.

A computer science professor from Elon was cited in an AP article saying amorphous “boogaloo” right-wing groups have a “prepper mindset”  and are essentially looking for a reason to get involved.

Organized violence from left-wing fundamentalists has received far less academic, media and government attention, at least in public statements.

This, despite numerous instances throughout the latter half of 2020, including online video that emerged of a U-Haul unloading BLM-messaging signs and shields in Louisville immediately before the release of the Breonna Taylor officers’ trial verdict.

In a converse tone, certain states and localities are decrying the presence or alliance with law enforcement with regards to electoral propriety.

Legislation to restrict law enforcement presence at polling stations is being considered in New Jersey. A North Carolina Board of Elections memo apparently told police to stay away from polling locations; much to the alarm of state republicans.

Similarly, the democratic-run city of Philadelphia will have assistant District Attorney’s on call to dispatch detectives to investigate voter intimidation.

Therein lies the difficulty in attempting to disentangle free expression from intimidation.

The murder of a Trump supporter in Portland, Oregon earlier this summer by a man who declared himself “100% Antifa” was met with leftist supporters reveling that their “community took out the trash.” 

Trump supporter harassment has become so widespread that there is now difficulty in accurately gauging critical polling data given the “shy Trump voter” factor.

Meanwhile, a Fairfax, Virginia Pro-Trump rally outside a polling location apparently required a statement from the local police that the president’s supporters did not block any entrances or break any laws.

As the polls tighten along with the tsunami of early voting, the glass-shattering pitch of alarmism from major news media, plus the fog of scandal and gaffes thickening around the democratic candidate, the election results may well be the most closely followed in decades.


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