State Farm Arena in Atlanta had a leak on the morning after November 3, 2020. Normally, this wouldn’t make national news, but it does when the “leak” halted an election.

Some media members and some poll watchers left the Arena soon after it was discovered. Suspiciously, almost nothing else is known for sure about the leak. Workers, election officials and others with the county have given noticeably cautious statements about a plumbing problem.

A short document was filed to the US Court for the Northern District of Georgia, Atlanta Division. It regards the irregularities at State Farm Arena. The statement briefly mentions the leak.

Frances Watson is the Chief investigator for Georgia Secretary of State. He revealed in the document that the plumbing failure was not so serious. It “was actually a urinal that overflowed . . .” 

Some officials have been called before committees. This is over the growing evidence of serious irregularities in the ballot counts there.

Robb Pitts complained about the plumbing matter when asked during a Georgia State Senate hearing: “That thing has taken the life of his own. . . . No ballots were damaged. No equipment was damaged. End of story.” 

Frances Watson’s short statement given to the court is riddled with spelling and coherence errors, very informal language and toothless assertions with few or no details.

Not one witness or official, beyond Mr. Watson, is mentioned by name in the body of the four-page document. 

The investigator’s filing closes with a hasty, confusing punt to ongoing examinations: “[t]he investigation remains open and is being investigated by the investigators in the Secretary of State’s Office.” 

This, as the State Farm Arena ballot disaster continues. Suspicious video and audio clips have been leaked. Stacks of under-oath legal filings about irregularities are piling up. On-the record excuses continue to fall apart.  Whether some Georgia state officials really want to find anything if it’s there, is still unclear.

Is the leaky urinal just an excuse to coverup Georgia’s participation in the greatest election heist in history? The American people are waiting for an answer.


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