Mike Lindell, My Pillow CEO & Inventor, was with President Trump yesterday at the White House, and he will be **LIVE** with us tomorrow night for the Keep the USA Red Virtual Event!

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And Mike is FIRED UP about the Keep the USA Red Virtual Event!

Take a look at what he posted on social media today…

Mike Lindell

Here’s Picture Proof that Mike was with President Trump yesterday…

Mike Lindell

You are who you associate with so make the decision to be LIVE tomorrow night with me, Mike Lindell, *8* other speakers, and Patriots from across America for the Keep the USA Red Virtual (online) FREE Event


You can Watch on Zoom or Listen via Phone to this FREE event!

Thank You for being part of the Mission to Re-Elect President Donald J. Trump in November and to Keep the USA Red!

Let’s Keep America Great Together and Safe from Socialists…

John Di Lemme

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