The large, close family of Cannon Hinnant shared memories and descriptions of the 5-year-old outside his funeral. While the racial make-up of the victim and suspect has been noted, the baffling and unforeseen nature of the crime has Wilson, North Carolina community members unsettled. The child was shot on August 9th and died shortly thereafter.

Relatives and friends’ accounts sound like the normal, rambunctious fun of a young boy: go-carting and riding his bike were some of his favorite things to do. The child’s grandfather recounted a recent camping trip where Cannon played on the beach with his toy sharks.

Two common themes were heard in the remarks of relatives and well-wishers: how he simply loved just being a normal kid and that his smile stood out. Austin Hinnant, the boy’s father said: “Everybody there just loved Cannon. He lit up a room . . . ” 

The child’s mother hopes to create a bicycle or similar park for children to safely enjoy one of Cannon’s favorite things.

More than 100 cars were seen at the Shingleton Funeral home for his service. Cannon’s stepfather, Lee Parker, talked of the supportive messages coming in worldwide: “Australia, Ohio, Colorado, I mean, it don’t [sic] stop. It’s all around the world. A verified GoFundMe page has topped three-quarters of a million dollars.

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Cannon Hinnant, GoFundMe

Part of the puzzlement is the manner of the actual crime. The suspect, Darius Sessoms, was a next door neighbor to the father. The two had eaten together and shared beers the night previous. A neighbor witness said she saw the suspect, Darius Sessoms, simply walk up to the child and shoot him in his head as the child rode his bike outdoors.

There does not appear to be any strong indication of hostility between the victim’s family and the suspect. “There wasn’t anything between me and him, any bad blood whatsoever, for him to have a reason to do this. . .” said the father. The suspects parents indicated they believed he was intoxicated at the time.

Sessoms was arrested by members of the U.S. Marshals Service Carolinas Regional Fugitive Task Force about 24 hours after the murder. Investigators have been tight-lipped, but police did say the shooting was not random.

In a summer rocked by racial tensions and the shattering of quiet tolerance in numerous communities, this inter-racial crime has raised questions about news media and the coverage of inter-racial crimes: Cannon was white and the suspect, Darius Sessoms, is black.

Numerous state and local news agencies picked up on the tragic story within days. In the two weeks since it happened, there has been a small scattering of national headlines from mainstream news media.

However, early on, news monitors and conservative media noted the lack, and in some cases, absence, of headlines or coverage of such a gruesome yet newsworthy crime. Screenshots of search engines registering zero hits for the child’s name, reportedly taken after the crime, have popped up online. If verified, these photos show there was little early attention from many establishment news media.

The issue with this crime is that panels were not convened to examine institutional problems within government, business, education or elsewhere to try and posit an overarching oppression that led to this homicide. Nor was the news cycle deluged with activists, leaders and professors talking on the matter for days or weeks.

And though no racial motive appears evident at this time, the tepid coverage or non-coverage of a detail in such a horrendous crime, a detail thrown into sharp relief in this year of 2020, is indeed newsworthy.


Mainstream Media doesn’t cover stories of murdered children unless it fits their negative, liberal news narrative. Cannon Hinnant is a prime example of this and so is Chrishia Odette. 

Listen to this episode of the Conservative Business Journal Podcast, John Di Lemme interviews Chris Odette about the brutal killing of his 13 year old daughter, Chrishia, at the hands of a criminal illegal alien, why her killer is walking free today, and how there was no national news coverage…

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