In this episode of the Conservative Business Journal Podcast, I interviewed Will Chesney, a 13-year Navy SEAL veteran and co-author of “No Ordinary Dog: My Partner from the SEAL Teams to the Bin Laden Raid.”

In this podcast, Will shares…

– When he first met Cairo, a Belgian Malinois and military working dog, and how he became his partner

– Why Cairo was a member of the Navy SEAL Team family and not just a military dog

– How preparation was key to the success of a mission for Cairo and the entire SEAL Team

– Cairo’s biggest weapon against the enemy and how he used it to protect his Team members

– How Cairo and the SEAL Team prepared for Operation Neptune Spear, the raid on Osama bin Laden’s compound

– The irrevocable bond between Will and Cairo that lasted beyond their military careers

– How fake news helped Will to make the decision to tell Cairo’s real life story

– Special words for anyone that maybe considering a military career and what how his time in the military shaped his life

Plus so much more!

To learn more about Cairo’s story, get Will’s book, “No Ordinary Dog: My Partner from the SEAL Teams to the Bin Laden Raid” here on Amazon…

John Di Lemme

John Di Lemme is the Founder of the Conservative Business Journal and Host of the Conservative Business Journal Podcast News Media Series, John Di Lemme has nearly two decades of experience as a capitalism strategist, top podcaster, international speaker, and accomplished author of over 20 books including his soon to be released book “Making Capitalism Great Again – How to Maximize America’s Booming Economy Plus the ABCs of Socialism versus Capitalism.”


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