The following post was shared on social media by one of our featured Conservative Business Journal Podcast guests, Chris Storie, about her brother, Joe, who was killed by an illegal alien…

On this day 9 years ago, my brother Joe Storie, was tragically taken away from his three sons and my family.

chris storie illegal alien

I was critically injured and still live with PTSD, survivor’s guilt, and have had many surgeries. Until you go through something like this, you don’t have a clue how devastating it truly is.

chris storie illegal alien

I am not posting this for sympathy or attention, so please do not respond with how sorry you are for me and my family. I don’t mean to sound harsh, but the reality of all of this is that it happens to over 5,000 American families every year!

chris storie illegal alien

This is not counting the people who are maimed, disabled, financially devastated, or the ones who commit suicide because of what an ILLEGAL ALIEN has done to their family!

chris storie illegal alien

The illegal alien that killed Joe, fled not only once, but TWICE! He fled from the hospital in Norfolk, Virginia, was apprehended, put in jail, then a liberal judge who is married to an immigration attorney, reduced his bond from $100,000 to $50,000!

The illegal alien LUIS ALBERTO RODRIGUEZ-CASTRO came up with $8,000 to pay his own private attorney and a bondsman to flee again. He is now on the ICE top 7 most wanted list.

Luis Alberto Rodriguez-Castro

We believe he is still in the USA. Please share his picture and help us find him. Our SO-CALLED JUSTICE SYSTEM has let my family and so many more AMERICAN FAMILIES down that it is unreal.

Also something I have learned from meeting families all across this nation, is that MOST ILLEGAL ALIENS have no remorse whatsoever for killing our loved ones. Main stream media will not report any of this!

What I am begging for today is that you vote for PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP!

He is the first and ONLY President I know that meets with our families and who is doing something to prevent this from happening to more AMERICAN FAMILIES!

If Biden wins, I can not even stand to think of countless families going through what my family and thousands of families are going through now because of what our own government and these ILLEGAL ALIENS are doing to our families and OUR AMERICAN WAY OF LIFE!

My sister Jeanne has fought since 2001 to stop this invasion, but until Trump won, there was no hope! PLEASE GO TO THE POLLS AND VOTE REPUBLICAN AND VOTE TRUMP


Listen to my podcast interview with Chris as she shares her brother, Joe’s, story and how President Trump has renewed the hope of Angel families across our country that have lost loved ones at the hands of illegal aliens…

Not only are illegals aliens costing thousands of American lives, but they are also draining money from our country every second that they remain within our borders illegally…

illegal immigration - oann - conservative business journal

The only way to guarantee that illegal aliens will be held accountable for their crimes and that immigration reform in America will continue is to re-elect Donald J. Trump on November 3, 2020.  

John Di Lemme

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