Congressman, author and civil rights elder John Lewis was memorialized in Atlanta, Georgia last week at the Ebeneezer Baptist Church, the site of Martin Luther King’s childhood baptism. 

Three former presidents remembered Lewis’ long efforts in his numerous roles since growing up on a family farm in Troy, Alabama. Many of these memories related to Lewis’ friendship and direct work with King himself.

However, former president Obama, among general remarks of being inspired by Lewis, punctuated his eulogy with harsh needling of his political opponents.Though not mentioned, several darts were clearly meant for President Trump.

Like his Democrat colleagues, he disparaged federal troops trying to restore order in crime infested violent cities like Portland and compared their crowd control and de-escalation techniques to physical assaults committed against Lewis and his colleagues in the fieriest days of the Civil Rights Movement.

Perhaps the most caustic remarks given by Obama in the address were general interspersed, thinly-veiled accusations of racial animus of his opponents. He generally cited it as the cause for voter ID laws and other electoral accountability measures referring to them as “targeting minorities and students with restrictive ID laws.” 

Obama also mentioned specifically the names of numerous well-known pariahs of the Civil Rights movement. He casually linked their villainy to the George Floyd arrest death, leaving a vague rhetorical twist and continuing on into the various aforementioned disputes. The troubling spectre of a revolt against the established checks-and-balances of the legislative branch was raised as well. Obama condemned the filibuster practice as a “Jim Crow relic.”

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Additionally, his support of dodgy mail-in voting for questionable public health reasons could very well telegraph the upcoming democratic rhetorical strategy for this fall. President Trump has continually warned how mail-in voting creates an overwhelming opportunity for vote fraud.

The death of a Civil Rights leader in a year as tragic as 2020 could have been an opportunity for fond memorializing, an appeal to the power of nonviolent expression, and a call to unify our country.

Instead, Barack Obama treated the funeral as his own political soap box to spread lies about Conservatives and provoke more hate and division in America. Just another example of the great lengths that the Democrat party will go to in order to achieve their radical agenda.


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