The national and international news media have labeled the Capitol incident a Trump-led open rebellion. Few real facts have been determined about the incident and released to the public by officials.

Yet the news media have already determined what happened: Trump and his supporters are dangerous and they need to be stopped.

Various world leaders, many with poor human rights records, heaped scorn on the United States. They were shocked and concerned about the brief disruption at the Capitol building.

With Trump as President, the opinions of foreign leaders didn’t matter too much. Nearly all of them, Trump knew, didn’t care about the US and they didn’t affect the country.

America First is not a dangerous slogan. It just means America first, then other countries. But that is not how Biden’s team thinks.

Foreign leaders are being told this incident shows Trump supporters are dangerous. Those leaders will put pressure on the Biden team to shut them up. The scorn of foreign leaders, even dictators, affects the everyday Trump supporter.

The Biden team cares a lot about what other countries think than what actual Americans think. So Biden’s team will quiet Trump supporters to get the appreciation of foreign leaders.

Some of that appreciation is not wanted. For example, Venezuela is a socialist dictatorship in freefall. Their effective vice president is wanted by the state department as a drug kingpin. Diosdado Cabello and his country benefit because the Capitol incident deflects from the almost third-world condition of their own nation.

The BLM and related protests, Cabello said, had “deployed a whole security and repression device to control the peaceful protesters.”

He then stated that the Capitol hill break-in members were not treated as harshly. This echoes the message of the news media and many democrats. Another official said “TRUMP has made clear the disdain he has for his [C]onstitution and his people, generating death and chaos in his own land.” 

The official statement from Venezuela said the US was getting what it deserved. The US was “experiencing what it has generated in other countries with its policies of aggression.” The news media and cultural establishment have said similar things for decades.

Venezuela, in 2019, was sanctioned for death squads effectively killing political opponents. “[N]neutralizing, repressing and criminalizing political opponents and people critical of the government”.

This was the UN, not a conservative organization. The report further details how witnesses said these squads staged crime scenes. The squads sought to portray the victims as resisting arrest.

This is the country scolding the US about police brutality over peaceful protests. Venezuela’s government response was that “sources lacking in objectivity” (the victims’ families) were the ones cited. They further said the UN did not use official government data.

Trump supporters and conservatives are getting smeared with a giant brush. It does not need to involve other nations. But the news media and many Democrats appear to be happy to go along with that.


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