House Speaker and Democrat demigod Nancy Pelosi has endorsed Joe Biden.

However, this breaking news announcement was overshadowed by Tara Reade’s sexual assault allegations against Biden. Reade says that the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee sexually assaulted her when she worked in his Senate office in the early 1990s. 

Democrats have continually stated that all women should be believed; however, they continue to ignore Tara Reade.

nancy pelosi

Doesn’t Tara Reade deserve to be heard?  

Hillary women

Shouldn’t Joe Biden be investigated just like Brett Kavanaugh? After all, he is the presumptive Democratic nominee.

The fake news media is basically ignoring Reade despite the evidence that supports her allegations. Where are all of the pink hat wearing feminists to defend her?

Once again…

Doesn’t Tara Reade deserve to be heard?  We think so.

Christie Di Lemme

Christie Di Lemme is the Co-Founder of the Conservative Business Journal. She absolutely loves America, supports President Trump, and believes that it's our responsibility as Christians to fight for our Conservative values in our country. Christie is also an attorney that hates injustice and takes pride in exposing the liberal left lies that devastate Americans.


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