A commonwealth judge blocked the Pennsylvania government’s quarter-back blitz for election certification.

A CNBC report surfaced on Tuesday saying Biden had officially won the Keystone state. PA congressman Mike Kelley and other unaware, surprised Republican supporters lodged a suit immediately after.

With several formalized steps still remaining to officially certify results, the judge blocked Governor Wolf and others’ sprint to the finish.

Kelley and supporters are seeking to argue the expansive state mail-in voting Act 77 of 2019 goes against the Pennsylvania constitution. November has seen ballooning allegations of fraud, deliberate mismanagement and troubling secrecy regarding Pennsylvania’s November 3rd election.


Listen to this episode of the Conservative Business Journal Podcast as John Di Lemme interviews Phill Kline, former Kansas Attorney General and Director of The Amistad Project, about how the Democrats and blue state governors used covid-19 fear to change the way we vote and how elections are managed especially in places like Pennsylvania…

Phill Kline - Pennsylvania - Election Fraud - Conservative Business Journal

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