While the Biden campaign has claimed victory in the state of Pennsylvania, the Trump team moves forward in court to expose voter fraud that handed Joe Biden twenty electoral votes.

Ballot tampering and ballot fraud are two areas of concern for not only the Trump team, but also all voters in America demanding that every “legal” vote be counted.

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania has a public website, Opendata PA, for 2020 General Election Mail Ballot Requests from the Department of State that should settle any concerns with mail ballots, but it does just the opposite.

The extensive list of over 3 Million requests for ballots is defined on the site as…

“The dataset describes a current state of mail ballot requests for the 2020 General Election. It’s a snapshot in time of the current volume of ballot requests across the Commonwealth. The reason some birth dates will display as 1/1/1800 is due to confidentiality reasons of the registered voters. Usually this is for victims of domestic violence.”

However, there’s not a reason listed for voters that requested and returned ballots that are over the age of 100, which is not out of the question, but voters in the ripe old age category of 110 and older should concern officials.

The other question that demands attention is why a 14-year-old voter’s application for a mail-in ballot was approved, the ballot mailed to the young voter, and the ballot processed upon return to the county?  The legal age to vote is eighteen.

Other than these obvious issues with the age of voters, it seems somewhat remarkable that over 77,000 ballots were received between November 1st and 3rd. 

The integrity of our election has been compromised. To what degree remains unclear. However, the American people deserve the truth especially when the future of our nation hangs in the balance.



Listen to this episode of the Conservative Business Journal Podcast as I interview Phill Kline, former Kansas Attorney General and Director of The Amistad Project, about how the Democrats and blue state governors used covid-19 fear to change the way we vote and how elections are managed especially in places like Pennsylvania…

Phill Kline - Pennsylvania - Election Fraud - Conservative Business Journal

John Di Lemme

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