A West Tennessee couple was absolutely shocked by the way that they were treated at Texas Roadhouse restaurant in Jackson, Tennessee for simply wearing a Trump 2020 hat.

While enjoying their July 4th weekend, Ricky and Stephanie Rogers decided to visit one of their favorite restaurants, Texas Roadhouse.  Stephanie called ahead for seating and was told that there may be a wait when they arrived due to the restaurant being busy, which is absolutely understandable due to the holiday.

What’s not okay is how Ricky and Stephanie were treated after checking in with the hostess at the restaurant.  Listen as they share what happened next with John & Christie Di Lemme LIVE on the Conservative Business Journal Podcast…

Despite their experience, the Millers aren’t calling for a boycott of Texas Roadhouse or for anyone to be fired. They simply want management to train their staff on how to treat all customers with respect and dignity. 

The fake news media and Democrats must stop demonizing President Trump and his supporters or these hate filled situations will not only continue, but get worse.

We are all Americans and should stand united despite our differences even politics. United we stand…divided we fall!


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