In this episode of the Conservative Business Journal Podcast, John Di Lemme interviews former FBI agent John Ligato, who explains how a group of high-level bureaucrats attempted to alter history and unseat a sitting President.

Plus Ligato shares…

– His background as a FBI agent and uncover work in the mafia

– How the Department of Justice (DOJ) has “castrated” the FBI

– Why as an agent, he would have taken a bullet for the sitting President not schemed to get him out of office like Comey and other trusted FBI agents did to Trump. 

– What his new book uncovers about the Comey scandal including what is still to come in the investigations

Plus so much more!

Get John Ligato’s book, “The Comey Gang: An Insider’s Look at an FBI in Crisis” here on Amazon…

“John Ligato holds nothing back. I worked with him undercover and John is absolutely fearless whether it’s with some mob guy or a bogus bureaucrat. The Comey Gang is the definitive book how the FBI lost its way under James Comey.”—Joe Pistone, FBI Special Agent, Retired (aka ‘Donnie Brasco’)

“I’ve supervised John Ligato and he’s one of a kind. His Marine Corps experience made him a tenacious and mission-oriented FBI agent. John was one of the Bureau’s best undercover operatives and I was always glad that John Ligato was part of my team.”—Anthony Daniels, FBI Assistant Director, Retired

“I served with John Ligato in Vietnam. Lance Corporal Ligato was with the lead contingent of Marines into Hue City during the ’68 Tet Offensive. Though wounded several times, John refused medical evacuation and distinguished himself on the battlefield. Believe what he says.”—Major General Ray ‘E-Tool’ Smith, USMC, Retired


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