In this episode of the Conservative Business Journal, John Di Lemme interviews Bryson Gray, Turning Point USA Ambassador and MAGA Challenge rap artist.

Bryson shares…

– How the Rap MAGA Challenge got started and what happened when President Trump retweeted it

– Why he switched from a Bernie Bro to a Trump Supporter

– How Bernie Sanders “sounding good” lures in Americans especially with the word “free”

– What happened when he did his own research on politics, socialism, etc.

– Going from uninformed to informed will change your political perspective

– Why as an African America, he doesn’t believe that President Trump isn’t racist

– Why he recorded his NEW album, MAGA Ain’t Got No Color

Plus hear Bryson rap a little bit!

Go here to grab a hold of Bryson’s NEW album, MAGA Ain’t Got No Color…