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Former Gang Member Explains Why Latinos are Leaving the Democrat Party

In this episode of the Conservative Business Journal podcast, John Di Lemme interviews Jesse Holguin, Founder of the Real LEXIT (Latinos exiting the liberal left).

Jesse is from Los Angeles, California. He was raised a Democrat his whole life because his parents an grandparents told him he was a Democrat.

But after his conversion to Christianity, doing his research and seeing the constant attack on Christian values by the left, he walked away from the Democrat party.

Jesse is a former gang leader but turned his life around after a tragic event left him paralyzed. After his conversion to Christianity, Jesse started going into juvenile halls and prisons to conduct Bible studies an encourage inmates to leave the gang lifestyle behind.

Jesse is the founder of the Real LEXIT, a grassroots movement to reach out to the Latino community and expose the lies of the left. He loves his nation and his Mexican heritage but is an American first [1].

Listen to Jesse’s transformational story and hear how he’s fighting for (and with) President Trump [2] and all Americans…