In this episode of the Conservative Business Journal Podcast, John Di Lemme interviews Army First Lieutenant Clint Lorance about his new book, “Stolen Honor: Falsely Accused, Imprisoned and My Long Road to Freedom.”

Clint shares…

→ The incident in Afghanistan that forever changed his life and cost him 6 years of his life in prison

→ How he was convicted of murder, but never fired at shot

→ Why the Obama Administration’s rules of engagement endangered lives of our military men and women, but helped the Taliban enemy

→ Obama’s micro-management of the defense department had an effect across the battlefield by aiding the enemy

→ How President Trump pardoned him and he was released from prison after 6 years of a 19 year sentence

→ Why a Colonel “jumping the gun” ended up with him being charged with murder

→  The reality that he did not receive back pay or benefits from the Army after he was released from prison

Why he’s still a convicted felon according to the Department of Justice but not President Trump

→ How the deep state is still impacting the White House despite President Trump being in charge

→ What he didn’t expect to happen when he met President Donald J. Trump

Plus so much more!

Grab a hold of Clint’s his new book here on Amazon, Stolen Honor: Falsely Accused, Imprisoned and My Long Road to Freedom.