In this episode of the Conservative Business Journal Podcast, John Di Lemme interviews Erin Perrine, Director of Press Communications for Trump 2020 Campaign.

During this powerful podcast, Erin shares…

→ How President Trump has skyrocketed the economy and is bringing it back stronger than ever after the coronavirus crisis

→ Why the USMCA Deal is important for our future and how it will create jobs and opportunities for Americans unlike NAFTA

The Obama/Biden Administration resulted in the worst economy since the Great Depression

How the mainstream media tries to cover for Joe Biden and fights President Trump on every issue

The fact that President has the full support of his base, and Joe Biden’s base doesn’t even like him

How President Trump supports law enforcement and military while Joe Biden says they are the “enemy of the people”

→ Why President Trump fully stands behind “legal” immigration in America and is committing to secure our borders

→ The importance of having Conservative judges on the bench that support Conservative values in America and how President Trump is committed to fulfilling his promise to protect America through the judicial branch

→ Why Trump is the greatest Pro-Life President and how he’s protecting the unborn

How President Trump stands up for Israel and has kept his promises to Israel unlike other Presidents

→ The importance of all supporters getting involved to make sure that President Trump is re-elected

Plus so much more!

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