In this episode of the Conservative Business Journal Podcast, John Di Lemme interviews Pressley Stutts and Jason Cline about the 1st Annual Trumptilla Boat Parade held July 5, 2020 on Lake Murray in South Carolina.

Jason and Pressley share…

How the idea to host the Trumptilla Boat Parade on Lake Murray came about and what Jason did despite not having any idea how to put on such an event

What happened when he put the event on Facebook to invite other Trump supporters to participate

How the Silent Majority shows up when they have an outlet to be part of something bigger than themselves as individuals

Why THOUSANDS of Trump supporters signed up to participate in the Lake Murray Trumptilla

Lake Murray Trumptilla

How we must all do our part to stand together and refuse to bow down to the liberal left socialists trying to destroy America

Where all of the Trump supporters came from to participate in the Trumptilla

How the boats just kept coming and coming and coming from everywhere and some people waited hours to get in the water

The record-breaking 3,417 Boats that participated in the Trumptilla with an average of 10 to 15 people on each boat plus the people on the shore…over 30,000 Trump supporters showed up for this event!

Why some of these people say they showed up for the Trumptilla and how it meant so much to them to celebrate Trump and America

The parade route was 22 miles long with the boat parade being approximately 16 to 17 miles in length from front to back with 8 to 12 boats wide the entire length of the parade

Lake Murray Trumptilla

Why we can’t be intimidated by the liberal left and must stand up for our Conservative values and President Trump

 How everyone was courteous, kind, and excited with no littering, looting, or violence

 How God’s hand was on this Trumptilla and how he guided Jason as he put the event together

Plus so much more!

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