In this episode of the Conservative Business Journal Podcast, John Di Lemme interviews Jim Walden who shares about his 21 year old son, Lance Corporal James Ray “Jimmie” Walden III, that was killed by an illegal alien.

During this powerful podcast, Jim shares…

– Details about Jimmie’s scholastic achievements and why he joined the Marine Corp to be like his Dad

jimmie walden illegal alien

– What it meant to this father to see his son walk across the same grinder that he did when he graduated years earlier

– What Jimmie was doing as cryptoanalyst with the National Security Administration

jim walden illegal alien
Jimmie and his father

– How Jimmie was mission oriented and he wasn’t afraid to work hard to achieve his goals no matter the obstacles

– What happened the day that Jimmie was killed by an illegal alien

jimmie walden illegal alien
His motorcycle after the crash

– How Jimmie died instantly after the crash and the illegal alien stepped over his body to flee the scene

– After the crash, Jim received a call from the prosecutor’s office letting him know that Maryland was notoriously lenient on “traffic violations.”

jimmie walden illegal alien
Jimmie and his mother

– Why the illegal alien was only charged with fleeing the scene of an accident involving a death.

– How The illegal alien’s blood was not tested to see if he was intoxicated, because it wasn’t “Maryland law.” However, they did check Jimmie’s blood despite it being proven that he was the victim and did not cause the crash.

jimmie walden illegal alien
Jimmie and his grandfather

– What happened in the courtroom when the illegal alien’s attorney asked for a lenient sentence, because he had children.

– Why the illegal alien served only 3 years and 3 months and then was deported

jimmie walden illegal alien
Memorial for Jimmie

– The importance of ICE and Border Patrol to protect America and secure our borders

– How his son’s death was 100% preventable and why the local governments have blood on their hands

jim walden illegal alien

– His thoughts on Nancy Pelosi and other demonic Democrats

– What the American flag means to him and why he fought for it and so did his son

Plus so much more!

Find out more about Advocates for Victims of Illegal Alien Crime (AVIAC), visit

Jimmie Walden
Jim Walden