In this special episode of the Conservative Business Journal Podcast, you’ll hear the entire Conservative Business Journal Podcast Show hosted by John Di Lemme with five special guest speakers on some very important topics right now in America especially with the upcoming election…

Angel Parents (Sabine Durden-Coulter, Maureen Maloney and Jim Walden) will share about their sons who were killed by illegal aliens and why we must stand with President Trump to build the wall and stop illegal immigration

Gary Binford, United Patriots Uprising Radio Show, will share on Marxism in America and how it’s being led by groups like Black Lives Matter (BLM)

Kevin White, “Author of Growing Up White: An Oreo’s Guide to Fitting In”, will share about how the Democrats have turned their backs on Black America

Listen to this powerful Podcast here…

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Watch the entire Conservative Business Journal Podcast Show here…

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