In this episode of the Conservative Business Journal Podcast, John Di Lemme interviews Mark Hyman, author of Pardongate: How Bill & Hillary Clinton and Their Brothers Profited from Pardons.

Mark Hyman is an Emmy Award-winning, investigative journalist who knows how to get the critical details of a story. In more than forty years, his life experiences include naval officer, veteran, intelligence officer, weapons inspector, Congressional Fellow, lobbyist, business executive, writer, radio personality, television host, and investigative journalist.

During this podcast, Mark shares…

– How Bill Clinton was the stingiest President in history when it came to pardons and clemencies

– When Clinton started giving out pardons and clemencies and why

– Why Hillary Clinton is unfit for any office

– How the Clintons amassed 240 Million Dollars through their pay to play schemes

– Examples of how the Bill and Hillary and their family members profited from pardons

– The depth of the criminal Clinton web of deception

– How the Clintons are linked to BLM Marxist organization through a mutual association

– The Clintons treat government property as their own personal property

– Real scandals covered in the book that Clintons were never held accountable for

– The difference between Roger Stone’s pardon to those that Clinton pardoned

– All of the information stated in the book is proven by references that readers can examine for themselves in the book

– Plus so much more!

Get Mark Hyman’s book, Pardongate: How Bill & Hillary Clinton and Their Brothers Profited from Pardons, here on Amazon