During this week’s Conservative Business Journal Podcast Show, John Di Lemme interviews YG Nyghtstorm about American Exceptionalism and why he supports President Trump’s re-election.

John and YG met 6 years ago at a conference, and instantly connected over their faith, conservatism, and love for America. 

YG Nyghtstorm and John Di Lemme - Conservative Business Journal Podcast 

YG Nyghtstorm is blazing a trail across the country uniting Americans with his story of rising from homelessness in Atlanta and on food stamps to becoming a successful corporate executive through the grace of God, hard work, and the love from fellow Americans of all races and genders.

YG Nyghtstorm - Conservative Business Journal - John Di Lemme

His message that the American dream is for everyone is working as his viral video about American Exceptionalism has over 1,100,000 views.

YG confidently inspires more voters to create a better America and turn against the toxic culture caused by the lies of “Progressivism-Socialism-Marxism” which are now loudly promoted by the Democrat Party and deceiving millions of voters.

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Watch the Show to experience the passion that John Di Lemme and YG Nyghtstorm have for America and their Conservative Values Plus Watch these Old Friends have A LOT of Fun…

YG Nyghtstorm - John Di Lemme - Conservative Business Journal Podcast
yg nyghtstorm and john di lemme - conservative business journal yg nyghtstorm and john di lemme - conservative business journal

To find out more about YG Nyghtstorm and how he’s standing up for his Conservative values and encouraging other Americans, go to https://www.nyghtstorm.com/