In this episode of the Conservative Business Journal, John Di Lemme interviews Dave Bray USA about his new song release, “One Day of Hell 9/11” and his mission as a Patriotic Entertainer.

During the Podcast, Dave Shares…

His mission as a Patriotic entertainer that loves America and continues to serve his country through his music

The background of his new song, “One Day of Hell 9/11”, originally written by Tommy Renfroe and why he decided to record and release it

What the American flag means to him and how the words of the National Anthem directly represent the flag

How the American flag serves as the canopy for our entire nation no matter your race, religion, political affiliation, etc.

He supports President Trump because he stands with the people and doesn’t play into the status quo of politics

We all know that Joe Biden is incompetent and can’t run the country, but some people will still vote for him. Those people are being exposed.

Why he feels President Trump is ready for the fight ahead of him as he continues to go to battle for America

Plus so much more!

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