In this episode of the Conservative Business Journal Podcast, John Di Lemme interviews Evangelist Jonathan Shuttlesworth about why the battle in America is against righteousness versus wickedness not Republican versus Democrat.

During this powerful podcast, Evangelist Jonathan shares…

It’s a battle between righteousness and wickedness not Republican and Democrat.

What happened when he refused to shutdown his live meetings during the coronavirus outbreak

His background with his Christian faith and how it empowered him to stand strong through the attacks of the devil in America especially the closing of the Christian church

The time to fight for your freedom isn’t when your back is against the wall. You fight it as soon as you see the enemy lurking.

Why what is happening now in America is a wicked, demonic plan to collapse the nation

The Bible from front to back is a story of the devil empowering people in government to destroy the children of God, and God anoints people to stand up for His Kingdom.

Jesus told us what we were signing up for the day that we became followers, and we will encounter adversity.

The meaning of “church” and power of gathering together – We can’t allow a government to stop the Church.

As Christians, we can’t cherry pick the verses that we like and that make us feel good.

Know your enemy…the devil is real!  The “Christian” thing to do is not to bow down to the devil.

There’s things you pray for and things you pray against. The function of your faith is mountain moving.

The Bible demands that we stand our ground against the devil and resist him.

Black Lives Matter is clear on its website that one of their goals is to destroy the family unit, which is against God’s word

Why if you are a Pastor teaching that someone cannot get ahead in life because of the color of your skin, then you don’t believe in the Bible

How getting people to identify as anything other than an American is the enemy’s plan to tear us apart and make people hate our country. You cannot prosper in a nation that you don’t love.

Why you cannot make the case for socialism if you believe in the Bible 

Plus so much more!

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