In this special episode of the Conservative Business Journal Podcast, John Di Lemme, founder of the Conservative Business Journal, was interviewed on the “United Patriots Uprising” Radio Broadcast about power of Capitalism in America. 


During this podcast, John Di Lemme shared…

 Capitalism is the fuel of this country. That’s why America right now is standing alone, because the heartbeat of America is capitalism.

 Socialism versus capitalism, there is a war for America’s economy right now; no question about it.

 Capitalism gives you the ability to produce, to innovate. The ability to hire, the ability to
feel good about yourself and develop and build a business that can bless people.

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 America was built on Capitalism. Capitalism is the freedom to produce, the freedom to dream, the freedom to risk, the freedom to fail, the freedom to learn. It’s the freedom to be all God wants you to be. It’s the freedom to take His talents and utilize them.

 Freedom is the foundation of our United States Constitution.

Capital is an asset. Capitalism means the ability to take what we’re gifted with (talent) and turn it into capital (asset in our lives) that enables us to achieve success in America’s free enterprise system.

 Capitalism creates a mindset of victory, the ability to achieve, the ability to grow beyond what you thought was ever possible.

 Capitalism is limited government, very limited regulations.The government exists to protect the rights you have to prosper. When President Trump removed government regulations, he simultaneously removed the shackles keeping small businesses in bondage and unable to prosper.

Ninety-four percent of the economy is businesses with 10 employees or less. That’s the driving force of this country.

 Capitalism is the ability for you to invent, create, and take your idea to market, then obviously sell it, earn income, and everyone in the marketplace wins.

 One of John’s quotes is “Everyone loses with socialism, but everyone wins with capitalism.’”

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