In this episode of the Conservative Business Journal Podcast, John Di Lemme interviews Rabbi Yechezkel Moskowitz about the Abraham Accords Peace Agreement, how it impacts America, and provides a path to peace for many nations.

During this powerful podcast, Rabbi Moskowitz…

His Conservative family history and how his background impacts who he supports politically including President Trump

Why the liberal, progressive left Jewish  community doesn’t support Donald Trump 

When the Jews came to the United States and assimilated into American culture 

President Trump serves American interests and puts America first, which empowers him to always make America top priority no matter the situation nationally or internationally

The fact that Barack Obama funded terrorists across the globe by giving Billions of dollars to Iran 

How President Trump and his team exposed over the last 3 years that the Palestinians have no interest in peace

Why the Middle East is like the wild wild west on steroids with everyone fighting for supremacy

President Trump provided a way for other nations to support and join forces with Israel despite the “Palestinian guilt”

How the media promotes hate toward Israel and serves as an obstacle to peace

Why he would have never believed that an American President would create an environment for Israel to thrive like President Trump did and continues to do

The importance of the Abraham Accords Peace Agreement, what it means to all nations involved, and why it opens the door to peace with other nations 

Plus so much more!