In this episode of the Conservative Business Journal Podcast, John Di Lemme interviews Jonathan Jakubowski about his book, Bellwether Blues: A Conservative Awakening of the Millennial Soul.

During this powerful podcast, Jonathan shares…

His inspiration for the title of his book that comes from the 16th century

What are “swing states” and how they typically predict the Presidential race result

How millennials are being impacted by Democrats going too far left to radicalism

Why being a parent of four children changed him and his worldview 

The societal consequences of sharing publicly that you are a Trump supporter

What was revealed to him by the seven interviews with millennials that make up this book and why they shifted their voting habits

How faith impacts the way people vote when they choose to put their relationship with God first and align with the political party that best represents that relationship

The miraculous turnaround in relations with Israel because of the Trump administration supporting Israel and refusing to bow down to Iran like the Obama administration

The chapter about the unspoken American genocide of abortion and the incredible story of a young woman understanding the value of human life from conception

How earning the right to be heard and delivering the truth persuaded millennials to reconsider their voting habits

The human soul seeks truths that will ultimately deeply impact a person’s choice of political affiliation  

Why we are at a crossroads in America of where people place their faith and how that will impact the future of America

The great awakening happening in our nation that is opening the eyes of Americans blinded by the fake news and lies from the radical left

Plus so much more!

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