John Di Lemme Exposes Trump Economic Truths on i24 News

i24 news

In this episode of the Conservative Business Journal podcast, John Di Lemme shares his interview on i24 News, which broadcasts from Tel Aviv, Israel.

After the Labor Department released the most recent job report, John was asked provide a few talking points about the report on i24 News.

Here are a few reviews about his segment on the show…

“Thank you for your optimism. God is using your voice to pierce the darkness in media. You are uniquely significant in such a time as this.” – Teresa P.

“Out of control!  Such TRUTH…You’ll never hear this on mainstream media.” – David D.

Loved how you just remained confident and optimistic about all that President Trump has accomplished…giving credit where credit was due and remaining focused and faithful to the truth.” – Carol S.

Enjoy the interview for yourself and feel free to *Share* the truth with others…

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