John Di Lemme Speaking LIVE at Save the Senate, Save America Fundraising Event

Save the Senate - John Di Lemme - Proud Boys Enrique Tarrio

In this episode of the Conservative Business Journal Podcast, you’ll hear John Di Lemme speaking LIVE at the Save the Senate, Save American fundraising event hosted by Constitutional Warriors founder, Christy McLaughlin, in Naples, Florida.

The event raised money for the Georgia Senate runoff and President Trump’s defense fund. Proud Boys Chairman, Enrique Tarrio, also spoke at the event.

John Di Lemme - Save the Senate Save America - Enrique Tarrio Proud Boys
John Di Lemme, Christy McLaughlin, & Enrique Tarrio

The Counter restaurant in Mercato provided delicious food and tremendous service for all attendees. The owner is a true American Patriot that loves his community and the nation.

Listen to John Di Lemme’s presentation here…

Watch John’s entire presentation here…


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